Yahoo Local: I’m Powerful. No Wait, I’m Confusing.

19 Feb

When it comes to the US, Yahoo! Local is by far the best site. As I outlined in my previous post about scrubbing local data, they have taken extra steps to make sure their data is accurate and clean. They have a ton of data and information – from local reviews to web-results to even extra information gleaned from sources like Delicious.

Yet dammit to hell, they have by far the most complex interface I have ever come across. Eg I was looking at this listing for Chipotle Mexican Grill. What do I see on the top:

Save to Collection | Save to My Web | Send to Phone | Add to Address Book | Email to Friend | Print

Someone tell me the inherent difference between ‘Collection’, ‘My Web’, and ‘Address Book’. Not only is the ‘Collection’ link on top, but also on the side.

Of course, at the same time Yahoo! is trying to convince me to read a review, to rate it, to edit it, to map it (whats that on my right), to get directions, to see a larger map, show various things, save to my collection, write a review, see Donny O’s reviews, (boldfaced) write a review, search the web (even with web references), a link to alternatives (with a list of alternatives right under neath it too), a plug for Yahoo! Answers, and then … way on the bottom (building value for advertisers) … the category sponsors.

And then those damn links again.

I feel a headache coming on …

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April 22nd, 2008 at 3:32 pm

Hysterical.. And a very powerful point