Why Hello Local

18 Nov

Yesterday I attended a little meetup comprised of NYC local/mobile based startups.

There was a big discussion in the middle of it, and I played my usual part of devil’s advocate.

But beyond that – I’m actually starting to feel old :) I started dabbling in local in early 2003, and early 2009 is almost upon us. Six years of local. While things have changed, there has been far more innovations in the area of mapping (movable maps, terrain/satellite, streetview, etc) than in local itself (data, relationships). I keep wondering outloud when will large and popular networks like Facebook and Twitter fully realize their ability to connect people locally in ways very few other sites can – and still nothing.

I do have to say I heard some very intriguing stuff yesterday. Just that – using Toronto as an example, local search today is 98% the same as local search four years ago.

Added: Danny from UpNext mentions who was there. And I’ll mention that this HTML is kinda borked

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2 Responses to Why Hello Local


David Mihm

November 18th, 2008 at 4:16 pm

Ahmed, I don’t doubt your statistic on Toronto. But I do think we’ve seen quite a bit of movement on the Local front this year — Google’s introduction of the 10-pack has certainly woken up many small business owners to Local, if not yet search marketers :) In my mind, a rising tide, particularly one from the bottom-up, is going to lift all ships here pretty soon…


Andre Marcelo-Tanner

November 18th, 2008 at 6:36 pm

Hey old timer :)

If someone else wont do it, you gotta do it :)