vBSkins.com: Already progress

15 Sep

I had recently posted about how we had changed from ForumTemplates.com to vBSkins.com. One of the issues I hoped to be fixed was the domain name – banned from Google/etc, the new domain was to let us back in.

And results are already in.

Currently ranking in at #25 for ‘vbulletin skins’ and #11 for ‘vb skins’, the SE traffic is already trickling in. And Yahoo is even better – vBSkins.com sits at #9 for ‘vbulletin skins’ (with ForumTemplates.com at #8), and #3 for ‘vb skins’

The domain change has helped tremendously – no more are we generic ‘forum templates’ – you know what you are getting before you click on the domain.

And another interesting tidbit – #12 for vbulletin skins was a site called vbskinstudio.com. I saw it was parked, saw it was for sale for $75, and while I wrote this post, I purchased it. According to Yahoo, it has 38,000 backlinks. The domain will now be promptly redirected to vbskins.com, generating even more traffic to the domain, with a very minimal investment.

Not to mention vb-skins.com is also likely sending me (inadvertent) traffic.

Moral of the story? A good domain helps, and be on the look out to buy defunct sites that can send you traffic you want.

2 Responses to vBSkins.com: Already progress



September 18th, 2007 at 11:42 am

It looks like the 38,000 backlinks on vbskinstudio.com were mostly from the footer of skins they (presumably) used to publish.

At the moment it doesn’t look like it’s redirecting though.



September 18th, 2007 at 1:33 pm

Yep – but they will provide some residual traffic.

The domain hasn’t updated to our DNS (yet) – it will be soon.