Topsites are Serious Business

1 Jul

I started dabbling in websites way back in 1997, but the first one to make me over four figures was a topsites. And at 18, that catches your attention.

Anyhoo – one of my topsites (which I sold for a quarter million … to help jumpstart iBegin) was doing roughly 100,000 unique visitors when I sold it. As I’ve bemoaned about it before, but those damn copycats are everywhere. And I was looking at the biggest one of my copycats … the site got 5.8 million unique visitors last month! To re-phrase – if June was a 31 day month, that is six million unique visitors in a day. And correct me if I am wrong, Yelp doesn’t even get that.

Sites like Blogtoplist and BlogTopArea (both knockoffs of our get roughly 2 million and 1.5 million unique visitors a month.

And people want in. I mentioned CSS Topsites before. It was pretty quick-shooting – I created it, contacted a few CSS site owners I had a personal relationship (including the giant, and suddenly you have all these sites coming in. The links flew in, the homepage and an inner directory ended up with PR7, and … I just sold the site for $15,000 a week ago.

8 years ago people told me that topsites were for warez and porn. Today people still tell me topsites are for warez and porn. In reality they are an amazing viral machine that generates an absolute ton of traffic.

I will say – running a topsites is not fun. Spammers galore, it is a headache to keep that ship straight.

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October 10th, 2008 at 11:58 am

How do you sell these sites ? Do you list them somewhere ? Is the sale prize based on revenue or traffic ?