The problems of conflict in self disclosure

19 Jul

Full disclosure can be really tricky when someone doesn’t want to be disclosed.

I myself am in a tricky situation. We sell business data to companies interested in the local space. We also cover interesting companies in the local space.

So – we have a customer who bought data from us months ago. This same customer put this website live about a week ago. I emailed him to ask if it is okay I disclose the connection with iBegin – he asked me not to (which is completely understandable – I would likely do the same). But now – I want to cover this website, but I can’t, because of this conflict – I have a business interest in them succeeding, but they have asked me to not to disclose our relationship. At the same time, I think they have a good product that the readers of this blog (about 300 subscribers) would find interesting.

So I’m stuck.

Plus – it is extremely interesting in what ways our data is used. I mean – in ways totally outside of the realm of ‘online local’ (and I’m not talking about direct marketing either).

Anyway the gist is – I like to disclose any relationship I have with any website/product I review. I just gave a specific example where such a conflict can arise.

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July 20th, 2007 at 2:37 am

I had the exact same conflict running a web hosting business. Whenever a customer’s site we hosted would be going through massive traffic and bandwidth and we always would request if we could do a case study to release on our corporate site to show off our server/network quality and server management skills but people would always refuse because they didn’t want their competitors knowing their numbers.