TechCrunch’s Arrington – Short short memory

23 May

I promise after this I will go out and criticize some sites :)

TechCrunch covers the ‘.CM scam’.

The choice quote:

This is actually one of the cleaner scams occurring in the extremely dirty domain name business.


And when money is thrown at these small countries, it seems that they have little hesitation in giving control of their namespace to a relatively unknown speculator.

Lest anyone forget –

Pool management team headed by President and CEO Michael Arrington

I remember seeing listings of TM domains in Pool’s upcoming list. I’m sure Pool picked up a lot of domains that had expired and had been previously websites. Was it not a ‘dirty’ domain business back then? Were domainers not ‘speculators’ then?

I only say this because – I don’t think domainers are evil. I do admit I am jealous of what they do. I do admit some cross ethical and moral lines (eg registering typos or disaster domains for pure profit). But quite a few own some decent domains (eg I sold to the .cm ‘scammer’ back in 2003). Anyway – I find it quite irksome when the grand crusader of ‘web 2.0′ was in charge of the largest domain catching service and now pretends like he had no relationship with it.

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