Some quick thoughts …

12 Dec

- Little discussion on authority SEO. The owner of the site I mentioned found this site.

– I talked to a company that services SMBs today about publishing the data they have on iBegin Source. The pitch is simple – they provide us with the data, and we help their advertisers get more exposure.

The person I was talking to was taken aback – he was expecting some sort of revenue-sharing deal.

I think that statement right there elucidates the difference between us and the other guys. While trying to squeeze money out of everything (even at the cost of more accurate data), we are focusing on core quality.

– New homepage for Toronto et all are no longer mentioned. going quasi-wiki. I find this very interesting – and I feel for them the pain of letting users contribute #s etc. Businesses are a headache enough – I can’t imagine consumers. We have full US WP data (117 million listings), and while we do wholesale deals (alongwith that for UK Australia etc), putting it under the full quality control of iBegin is a nightmare waiting to happen.

– I am finally getting into domains again. Mostly through joint-purchases – they find deals, we provide the funding. So my time spent every day on it is <15 minutes. While most are private, I did publicly disclose two of them. Should have some other ones to note later on.

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Ned Hayes

December 14th, 2007 at 8:54 pm

It’s important to note that is known for reputable, accurate data. That’s why I started with this company — we care about getting it right.

Thus, we don’t post random social networking “profiles” (we have a type of proof that there’s a person behind a listing). That’s why I rely on the site for all my Christmas cards… and not Facebook.

So although we are going to encourage users to provide accurate information on themselves, we are not the wild west, and we will always value trustworthy listings about people over random social information.

There’s a real need for people to find other people — and you can’t find or connect with someone if their information is simply inaccurate or insubstantial (as on many social sites). We’re about real people and real “listings.”

More news to come in 2008!

— N. Hayes / Sr. Product Manager /