One link = made us $1500 (in 12 hours)

25 Jan

So I got back today – I made a little bit of a blunder and we left the airport … when the flight was leaving in an hour. So we rushed through, cut the lines everywhere, and had time to grab a coffee before we got onto the plane.

I get home and Jacob from Bloggy Network is excited. Turns out Yahoo did some feature on ‘top us jobs’ (on the front page) and linked to search results for that phrase. What came up at #2? None other than one of our sites – Life Spy.

So the site ended up making an extra $1500 (give or take a bit) that it would have otherwise.

What really stunned me was the ‘quality’ of the traffic. The front page feature/search link sent us an extra ~45,000 pageviews. But the CTR on that page was around 15% – giving us a yummy CPM of roughly $35.00! To compare, the normal CTR/CPM are less than 1/4th for each.

So there you have it. One link made us over $1500 in just 12 hours. Looking forward to Yahoo doing it again (and I can only imagine what #1 would have done).

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