My Timing is Decent

10 Jun

I was talking to a friend of mine about Examine when we both came to the conclusion that my timing (in general) seems to be pretty decent.

Amongst other things, I:

  • Pulled out of MMO/virtual currency just around when WoW came out. WoW became so big it spawned a ton of Chinese gold farmers that significantly hurt margins.
  • Pulled out of blog directories etc right before Google slapped them all out.
  • Pulled out of CSS just as it went from “cool” to “commodity”
  • Pulled out of local before Google slapped everyone around with Panda

Really though, the above post was just so I could pimp out Examine. We’ve been getting the most random search engine phrases as referral, a sample of which include:

  • “dimethylamylamine drug test” (for DMAA). A stimulant used to increase workout performance. It also causes you to fail drug tests as it results in a false positive for amphetamines. An ingredient in the popular pre-workout supplement “jack3d”.
  • “quercetin dihydrate bioavailability” (for Quercetin). A “healthy to have” supplement found in fruits and veggies, especially apples and onions).
  • “Alpha 2-antagonist compounds and lipid mobilization: evidence for a lipid mobility” (for Yohimbine). A popular fat-loss supplement that helps you target fat loss in stubborn areas like your stomach.
  • “Ketonic Bodies adrenergic lipolysis” (also for Yohimbine like above). This one is cool because the Google results specifically link to a section under our “Compleat Summary” that explicitly discusses Ketogenesis and Lipolysis.
  • “fish oil protein synthesis” (for fish oil) A popular blogger recently summed up scientific research that indicated omega 3 fatty acids could help in adding muscle.

Anyway, completely random stuff, but the sheer breadth of information and the million+1 combinations of keywords has me pretty excited. The site performance is quite solid (4 pageviews per visitor, over 3:00 on site per average user, ~50% bounce rate), and I think in the long run this could end up being one of my biggest sites ever (and not to toot my own horn, but having done this for 14 years, I have built some pretty big sites).

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