More on the ‘other’ Local Space

18 Jun

I tend to subscribe to every local-oriented website blog. One I subscribed to way back was Burrp, a site that started off as a restaurant review website for India (in one city at that time). Since then they expanded to include TV listings, and more.

Their realization was pretty simple – people everywhere want better online local information, and there is value in making it easy to use. The market pitch is easy – our ‘value’ is in taking previously hard to understand information and making it easy for you to use. The ‘value’ no longer exists in the US (imo) – the easy to use translation has been done to death (observe the comments about newly launched Center’d). But in places from Argentina to India, there is an underlying need. People may not be clamoring for it – but hell, people were not clamoring for Yelp before it appeared.

The latest blog post on Burrp brought a big smile to my face. They created something simpler to use out of ZoomTV, and ZoomTV ended up using them. They created something useful in the local space, and one of the de-facto financial sites in India came to them. People coming to you – the ideal position you want to be in.

I am far from saying that the online local space in these other areas are easy to do. Monetizing (the gotcha) won’t be easy. But for individual entrepreneurs who want to try something new – moving to a new country and trying to dominate the online local space there? Damn that sounds like fun :)

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