Matt Cutts was right …

23 Jan

The Omron Pedometer is pretty addictive. Once you start tracking how much you are walking (and especially graphing it), you really want to keep going.

Alas for me, worst time possible. After blowing out my knee (13 days after I am still limping), the pedometer arrived two days later – and it has pushed me too far. A few days ago I cracked 5000 steps. Next day, needing to break the previous high, I cracked 6000. The three days since then? Extreme soreness due to over-exertion, and barely breaking 1500 (which really is not all that much).

Anyway – this post is more about lauding the connection between ‘offline’ devices and how connecting it to the computer is making it much more useful. If I was Omron, I would actually build out an online hub – now that would be awesome. Create groups, show your progress to others, etc.

O, and they really need to support Mac – come on!


Well, just an update on the knee. Turns out my ACL is pretty much crushed, but the MRI will determine if it is completely torn (uhoh) vs 60-80% damaged. I’ve also greatly strained my inner-thigh ligament, and the meniscus in my knee. Over three weeks later and I’m still walking gimped. Humbug!

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