MadKast is stupid

3 Aug

Been busy moving. Since 2001 I have not lived in any single residence for 12 months. Latest place lasted 8 months. Current place is planned for 1 to 12 months – hoping to move to Vancouver next.

But everything is set, and ready to go.

So – was going through my feeds, and I read that the first TechStars ‘company’ launched. This isn’t a company. It is a feature. Think Kiko (calendar ‘company’ sold on eBay), except 100x simpler.

I’ll copy what TC says:

With the widget, you can easily let visitors share your entire blog posts via email, mobile MMS, or through any of the social bookmarking services. The widget also maintains a list of emails and phone numbers you’ve contacted in the past to make sending new links to friends really easy. AddThis (which we use) has a similar widget, but focuses on an exhaustive list of social bookmarking services.

MadKast’s widget also offers an analytics package that tracks which posts are shared most often and what other blogs your readers are visit.

Huh? Sharing blog posts via a line of javascript is a company? No – its a bloody tool. Furthermore, the ‘analytics package’ that tracks which posts are shared most is so easy it belongs in the realm of captain obvious. And what other blogs your readers visit? That is pretty damn close to invasive when it comes to privacy (but also not all that complicated). In fact – how much data are they tracking?

What passes as a ‘company’ these days amazes me.

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David Krug

August 4th, 2007 at 10:11 pm

Glad I’m not the only one who thought this was moronic. I tested it out for 17 seconds and canned it. It’s really a joke its all about data harvesting.


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