LinkedIn = the big duh

16 Mar

I needed to locate a person. I didn’t know exactly who. But I knew what company, and in what area.

I was asking my friend Frank (of Domain Name News) if he knew anybody in that organization, and he pointed out something very obvious – did I search LinkedIn.

It was such a moment of ‘duh’ that the simplicity of obviousness of it missed me. So I search for the company name, and lo and behold, the #2 result is the exact

person I’m looking for. The estimated size of the company: 5,001 – 10,000. Even more brilliant? We are three levels separate (a contact of mine knows a contact who knows this person).

So now instead of having a clue about who I need to talk to, I have a specific name. And a location.

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Now I can call the correct office and get the person I want. Fantastic!

I’ve always been very “ugh” about the entire social network thing, as friendships (to me) are something on a very personal level. To that end I keep two separate Facebook accounts. But this utilization of LinkedIn and the value of my inherent contacts has really opened my eyes.

Anyway, this ranks as one of those “so obvious you might miss it” points. I asked about a dozen people (almost all on LinkedIn), and Frank as the only one to nail it.

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Raymond Chip Lambert

March 16th, 2008 at 7:09 pm

Hey Ahmed,

Increasingly LinkedIn is my #1 go to hub for almost everything I’m doing.

Not only can you find someone that you need to meet, but if you can’t get through the gatekeeper, you have a pathway to that person through people you know.

It’s been amazing for my business. I blog about this for my clients. I also do LinkedIn Training for professionals because so many are on it, but fail to recognize the implications of LinkedIn on their business.

I’m of the opinion that Social Networking is to Humanity what the internet was to information.

We’re only beginning to connect the dots.

Raymond Chip Lambert
Network 2 Networth
Deep Business Development


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