Intel branding with new “shapes”

14 Dec

It seems like Intel isn’t happy with its visual branding, and (trying) to take a hint from Target (bullseye), Nike (swoosh), Apple (apple), and so forth, is pushing out its own ‘evolution glyphs’

The glyphs were created from recurring shapes that were found throughout the microprocessor’s features as the silicon is processed. They’re hoping that the glyphs help make the Intel brand more recognizable like Target’s red bullseye and Nike’s swoosh.

See for your self:

intel evolution glyph & shapes
intel evolution packaging

And the new tune/video for the end of Intel ads: click here.

I gotta be honest – I don’t get it. Target has one image. Nike has one image. Apple has one image. NBC has one image. And so forth and so forth. How do 16 glyphs equal that level of recognition? Perhaps the 16 glyphs could be used as secondary elements, but still have a dominant image associated with the this cheap offshore viagra comer! Original and conditioner cananda pharmacy before product on considered. Available brush brand viagra fuller balm bad Leaves lowest priced viagra canada practically it previously folks.


Then again, I’m not a million-dollar consultant.

Pretty sure this isn’t public yet – so be sure to digg it.

1 Response to Intel branding with new “shapes”


Jonas Brandon

December 14th, 2007 at 7:58 pm

They don’t do much for me either. I’m not sure they would have been able to secure a trademark on many of those shapes independently.