I’m Ruining my Online Identity

16 Jul

Since I’ve been online (1997) I’ve always used ‘AhmedF’ as my username/online nick (F being my last name – Farooq) for pretty much anything – websites, forums, games, etc. It brings me a certain level of unwanted attention (seemingly only arabs are named ‘ahmed’ and there are enough idiot xenophobes to make their own country), but it has been a nice universal name – if you see an ahmedf, 99% chances are that it’s me.

While the idea has been rolling around in my head for a while, I’m finally starting to move on changing my last name. Going to finally go see a lawyer end of this month (when I saunter back to Canada). Changing it is about personal reasons, but in one fell swoop I have pretty much ruined my online identity – ‘F’ will no longer bear any relevancy, and Ahmed or AhmedS (first letter of my new last name … which looks like a plural of Ahmed) just don’t seem right.

So what do I do? :)

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