iBegin Source: Out of Control

22 Feb

Not that it has gone nuts or anything … just that I am waiting on things that are out of my control. Is it ready? Yep. Is it live? Newp.

Go on over to iBegin Source and be sure to pop in your email. It may just be worth it … or not. I am leaning towards it being worth it, but no guarantees!

Beyond my little plug about iBegin there, the real meat here is about how managing a business brings about frustrations people normally don’t deal with. When I was a wee-one on my own, making a website was easier. I would get a designer to quickly make a design, or alternatively I would go and use a template (as a placeholder). Programming, writing content, hammering out the non-spam emails … it all counted on me. I had no one to blame for failure but my self (and in that same manner, no one to pat on the back for success but me).

Things are much different now. A larger organization (we have dedicated programmers, designers, artists, writers, server-admin, etc) means that while we get a lot more stuff done (in the same timeframe), but it also means that sometimes Person X is waiting on Person Y. And in my current situation (with iBegin Source), I am waiting on Person X, Person Y, and Person Z.

This can be quite terrifying. For micromanagers, having such ‘idle’ time can end up with you interfering in your employees’ progress (something I used to do). People hate losing control … (most) business owners completely loathe losing control. Trust is hard – but worth it in the end.

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