iBegin just became lighter

7 May

We’ve sold our iBegin city sites to another company, who will be moving the sites off of our domain in < 90 days.

Sad to see them go, but since we haven't actively done anything with those sites in over a year, it was due time we made this move.

More information as the new buyer is ready.

UPDATE: Should clarify as I got a few slightly confused emails. www.ibegin.com will mostly remain as it is (an open listing of the data we sell). We will continue to sell data via iBegin Source. What we no longer own are the city sites – iBegin Toronto, Ottawa, Nashville, and Kalamazoo.

Further Update: Still a bit of confusion. Lets try again. There were five main parts to iBegin:
1. www.ibegin.com – a simple local directory for US & Canada. It basically lets people view our data
2. source.ibegin.com – where we sell business listings for US & Canada
3. weather.ibegin.com – weather info for US & Canada. We sell enterprise feeds to customers
4. www.ibegin.com/labs/ – where we release random things we have worked on
5. City sites – toronto.ibegin.com ottawa.ibegin.com nashville.ibegin.com kalamazoo.ibegin.com – city guide sites that had reviews, pictures, and other user generated content.

We stopped working on #5 over a year ago, and removed all links to the city sites over 5 months ago

What we have sold is #5. #1 2 3 4 are still a part of iBegin. The city sites were sold as we were no longer working on them, and they were basically just lying around. We decided it was a better move to sell them to someone who can actively work on it.

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May 11th, 2008 at 7:34 pm

I’m still confused? Just kidding Ahmed! It sounds like you made the right choice; some lucky buyer definitely got a nice website to work on and grow. ;)