I say it so it must be true: eBay and Microsoft are dying

29 Jan

If one were to believe geeky sites like Digg, Microsoft, the venerable tech-giant, and eBay, the poster-boy of making money on the internet are on their last legs. Any day now, they are going to be kicked over, to be acquired by fill in the blank here.

The latest one is about how eBay is a total joke. Does eBay’s customer service suck? I’m sure it does, like 99% of the behemoth corporations out there. Has anyone tried the customer service of a cellphone company? Now that is pain.

Yet many of these geeks, so insistent that they are right and that their views are shared by everyone continually sound the alarm. After all, they don’t like Microsoft (and eBay), and thus they must be dying companies.

Just like the previous bubble-crash forced everyone to actually look at dollars and sense, its time we focus back on what is working (and what isn’t). The world is more than just search engine revenue. Case in point: Microsoft’s profit for the latest quarter was 2.63 billion dollars. Last time I checked, a company with a profit over 10 billion dollars a year was in no imminent threat. Could they make a lot more money by hitting up Google? Damn straight. But if I was a dying company at 10 billion profit a year – well, it is a sacrifice I am willing to take :)

I of course say the above knowing that there are organizational problems and what not that they have to contend with. But with Vista and Office 2007 coming out, all I see in the near future is Microsoft printing more (and more) money.

eBay itself is of course ‘struggling’ with hefty profits itself. Not Microsoft (or even Google-level) but still … 1 billion in profit a year.

Ford is a company in its death throes. Microsoft or eBay? Don’t think so.

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