I love ‘coming soon’ sites …

30 Jan

Half of the time, when a site says it is ‘coming soon’ all they have done is change their index page. Some of them are so simplistic that while their actual frontpage is index.php, they have uploaded an index.html to hide it.

Most don’t do that, but the site itself is quite accessible. What they forget is what a fearsome beast Google is.

Case in point: I read about a local aggregator called Boorah launching. I clicked on to their site and saw a coming soon page. Incidentally they had PageRank. Which can only mean … Google has crawled your site and has cached pages ready for viewing. Clicking on a link does give you a ‘coming soon…’ but the cache pages show the site before it launches.

Speaking of the actual site … what was interesting was that they claim (can’t say for myself) to be able to ascertain, through the reviews, what other restaurants are of similar likability. That is actually pretty damn cool if it works right.

Also a friendly recommendation to Boorah: know where your links go. I found a link to http://blog.boorah.com/, but it goes nowhere. I did eventually find your blog is actually at http://www.boorah.com/alphablog/, but guess where it links to? Yep – http://blog.boorah.com/

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