I am an awesome commentator (and yet you hate me)

3 Mar

You read right. When it comes to commenting on blogs, I only bring the A+ thoughts (more about different commenting personas later). And yet adding a comment is becoming more and more annoying.

I don’t always agree with Matt of WordPress, but I have to say his Askimet product is top-notch. I refuse to subscribe to any blog that doesn’t let you comment. At least, if it claims to be a blog. But with all the spam abound these days (we get hammered over at both Blog Top Sites and Blog Flux), keeping comments clean can be tough. And Askimet is an absolute godsend for that.

And so I have decided I hate Typepad. The stupid service makes me enter a captcha every time. Not only is the captcha on a different page (who does that?), but they make me fill out the captcha every damn time. You would think that after commenting over a dozen times without a single comment deleted, they would have the intelligence to add 1+1+1=3 and figure out that same IP, same email, same username = okay person, don’t hassle him. You would imagine with their ‘large-company approach’ they could have a programmer figure out making commenting easier.

I want to comment. But pissing me off (because that is what you are doing, purposefully or not) doesn’t help me.

As an aside, I just came across a weird commenting habit. The blogger, instead of adding his own comment and referring to individual commentators with an @xxx, actually edits the original comment with an ‘—Answer—‘. This is rather odd – has anyone else ever come across such a habit? It bugs me because it ‘breaks’ Commentful, so I don’t know if my comment has been replied to or not.

Such odd behaviour.

2 Responses to I am an awesome commentator (and yet you hate me)


Eamon Mcdermott

March 5th, 2007 at 3:04 pm

If you get white-listed after a certain number of comments then spammers can abuse that. It cuts down on the number of people they need to hire to fill out captchas (if they’re doing that…)



March 5th, 2007 at 3:22 pm

I understand the dilemma of white-listing, but spammers broke captchas a long time. Long long long time ago.

Bothering a majority (95%+ I am sure) because a few people may spam is ridiculous. Its lazyiness!