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9 May

I finally have a new website to show off: Examine.com.

After I came back to Toronto (wow it’s almost been 2 years … and I am moving again soon), one of the things I really focused on was my health. I spent hours every day reading up on fitness and nutrition. The amount of anecdotal information was quite stunning – absolutely incorrect information was repeated with no consideration of the source or even the logic of what was being stated.

Thankfully, there are communities where science-backed information is valued, and I have learned an amazing amount over the past two years. My friends have noticed, and I am asked quite a bit about how supplement X works, or how the body reactions to Y. So the idea had been bouncing around for a while, and when I found out that the domain Examine.com was for sale, I decided it was time to act on it.

What we now have is a Wikipedia-inspired site, complete with citations and no nofollow garbage for SEO purposes. Just a legitimate site with valuable information, backed by hours of research and investigation.

Will the site make money in the future? Likely. But at the most it will just link to various sites where you can buy Supplement X – BodyBuilding.com, TruePortein, etc. Product endorsements are best left to companies like Consumer Reports and ConsumerLab (I am a paid subscriber of both). I am at a level in life now where I can focus on something most people tackle later on in life – their legacy. I honestly believe that Examine can have a solid impact in combating a lot of the myths out there (before I knew any better, I had heard many times that taking creatine could give you cancer).

So if you want to learn more (or know friends into fitness), be sure to send them to Examine.com.

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