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With big sites like Blog Flux, when you deliver a service, you better have it ready for scaling. We cache every single pagerank request to our Pagerank Checker. Obvious reason – PR updates rarely, and when it does, we can just flush the cache. In the meantime, if we keep asking Google the pagerank every […]

Synergy was an awesome buzzword. Not only does it mean something, it just sounds awesome. If you had synergy, you couldn’t go wrong. People have often asked me – is there something wrong with me? Do I have ADD? (not to imply ADD is wrong, but you get the idea). Why can’t I just *focus* […]

XSS – Oh Dear

8, Mar 2007

Yesterday I got a friendly email in the iBegin inbox. In a very professional manner, the person informed me of a Cross Site Scripting (XSS). I responded immediately, and a day later popped in the email. It was a simple example – with a certain string, my search page popped a nice JS error saying […]

Not going to make any friends this way. But we tried this out, it was fun: Find Digg frontpage stories ‘Blog it’ Repeat for every frontpage story [for at least 100 stories] Wait 6 months, voila – PR4-6 Mind you this was an experiment, and we already shut it down. But something to note. UPDATE […]

Digg & Focus Groups

26, Feb 2007

No ‘niche’ gets as nasty and personal as politics. It seems as time drags on, more and more people are convinced that the only way to co-exist with someone else is to hammer in your beliefs and ideals into them, whether they believe it or not. The idea of intellectual discourse seems almost dead. So […]

When the mighty Apple announced its iPhone, Gizmodo got stung. Badly. While Engadget were busy liveblogging, Gizmodo seemed to be updating post by post. Or something like that. And they had promised to liveblog but never did. The ouch was strong. Calcanis proudly proclaimed about how Engadget did 10 million pageviews and beat down Gizmodo. […]

After Google’s AdSense had been out for a few months, the complaints started. People were building skeleton sites and throwing on AdSense on the site, trying to milk as much money as possible. These sites were nicknamed ‘Made for Adsense’ (MFA) and were generally frowned on. A Google search for Made for Adsense incidentally has […]