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So in my previous post I talked about one of my favorite companies – LDC. Next up is Yipit. But this isn’t just about how awesome Yipit is. No no – today they launched profile pages, and in the process, further convoluted their home page. So this post is about how I would look over […]

In my previous post on Yipit, I briefly mentioned how they are one of my new ‘favorites’. I thought I might as well go over some of my favorite companies. LDC is a company I ran into about a year ago, and they are doing some amazing stuff up in the UK. Eschewing the model […]

I have a few favorite companies in the local space. UMI is one – especially after they did their new parking release. LDC is another one – fantastic work they have done in the UK. Add another one to the list – Yipit (furniture search). I have long railed Banco de independiente segĂșn: con. Trusts […]

Phone Verification

2, Dec 2008

So as we continue to do quite a few verification phone calls every day, people tend to mess up. Human nature. Recently I have gotten to thinking – Google has you enter a four digit PIN, and for whatever reason that popped in our head, we all agreed that a four digit PIN was good. […]

But as more and more information goes on, being part of the conversation truly becomes very important. I am now on Twitter, and it will include even more inane-ness that springs to mind. hi-def quality wag the dog

Manhattan Neighborhoods as seen on iBegin Places. free download of shooter

A thought about Hulu

19, Nov 2008

It stands to reason that the executives from NBC and FOX keep a very close eye on viewer behavior on – stuff like pageviews, unique visitors, ad click rate, attention rate, etc – I am sure that is tracked closely. I can imagine this is also a way for them to circumvent the rather […]

The latest news post on announces the availability of the Albeo Theme – made by none other than our Design Disease brand. That Elena is a fantastic designer. We already have roughly 2 million backlinks from our other free WP theme releases – I wonder what number this release will push it to? want […]

iBegin Labs …

27, Aug 2008

So a few people have asked me … we ‘released’ iBegin Labs over 4 months ago, yet outside of this blog and the iBegin Blog we have never mentioned it. The thing is that we have a lot of stuff that we are working, testing, and experimenting with. As I alluded to in my earlier […]

We’ve written a pretty simple engine internally that basically scrapes ad revenue from X Y Z sites, and then spits it all into a nice manageable table. We then go ahead and graph these – be it a line graph for growth over the course of the day/week/month etc, or bar graph that shows changes […]