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Big Week for Last week, announced its Human Effect Matrix, which “solves over 90% of supplement confusion.” The response was staggering, to say the least. Some quick numbers: 100,000 visitors over baseline (so e.g. if in the week we would have expected 50,000 visitors, we had 150,000) 1,000 new followers to our Facebook […]

Apple & Mapping

14, Jun 2012

Mike Dobson does a great job talking about the many challenges Apple is about to face with their new mapping system. The one part I disagree with Mike is the impetus that is driving Apple into this. Beyond the brand, beyond it making sense for Google (with the integration into local search), Apple’s new payment […]

I was puzzled today – Examine had a huge burst of traffic today. Turns out Dr Oz did a story on “fat burners” One of them turned out to be a supplement we have a page on – Raspberry Ketones. It’s a surge of traffic.

I finally have a new website to show off: After I came back to Toronto (wow it’s almost been 2 years … and I am moving again soon), one of the things I really focused on was my health. I spent hours every day reading up on fitness and nutrition. The amount of anecdotal […]

So I’ve been reading about Unsubscribe, and while I use Outlook for my primary email account, my 20+ other are all in Thunderbird. They don’t support it yet, so I popped them an email asking when they were gonna support it. Within 30 seconds I had a response: “It’s on the whiteboard!!! No ETA just […]

World Cup in Canada

12, Jun 2010

You can watch it all online for free at CBC. download the godfather film in ipod quality

Just see it in action. scary movie 2 the film

Heatmaps – Tough

1, Mar 2009

I’ve been lately working on trying to generate heatmaps from an assortment of data. To say it has been tough is an understatement – I have tried Python, PHP, and Ruby libs/classes, and all have been too slow, too weak, and/or plain ugly (high peak is red, not blue nor fire-colored). In the case of […]

The Omron Pedometer is pretty addictive. Once you start tracking how much you are walking (and especially graphing it), you really want to keep going. Alas for me, worst time possible. After blowing out my knee (13 days after I am still limping), the pedometer arrived two days later – and it has pushed me […]

So Google now lets you control the max crawl rate through a nifty slider. While most sites start at a max-allowed rate of 0.5 pages/sec, I’ve been able to get a few sites to 10 pages/sec. I had some large sites that had pretty low max rates (eg 1 page/sec), and it took me some […]