Archive for the ‘Making the Monies’ Category Look at its numbers – estimated 3 million US visitors last month! Pretty close to, and well above of The site in itself is quite simplistic. Take (what appears to be public) city data, condense it nicely, and put it up. We had done something similar roughly 3 years ago (and […]

So I got back today – I made a little bit of a blunder and we left the airport … when the flight was leaving in an hour. So we rushed through, cut the lines everywhere, and had time to grab a coffee before we got onto the plane. I get home and Jacob from […]

I hate marketplaces

9, Dec 2007

I am so sick of people either deluding themselves, or trying to pull in big words in hoping to get you to look at their [for sale] listing. Classic example: ‘MV-M.COM a premium name for sale’ In what reality is ‘mv-m’ a premium domain? Hell the domain was registered just over 10 days ago – […]

No other way around it really – sometimes you do things that don’t work out. Sometimes you have to change your tracks (after you already changed your tracks). The recent ILM:07 was fun. I still have about 3-5 posts to write on it. And I will. But for now – we’ve placed a moratorium on […]

I’ve talked previously about exploiting Digg to get links and so forth. All links in the ‘who blogged this’ and ‘comments’ area are direct links – no nofollow or anything of that sort. Now – what Digg does is hide old comments from Wen product? Thoroughly the canada brand viagra was morning no the […]

The USD vs CAD chart on Yahoo pretty much sums up my experience with the USD. Being a Canadian company, when we started we had roughly 1 USD = 1.5 CAD. Now the rate is at 1 USD = 0.95 CAD. And it hurts. My spending power outside of the US has been dealt a […]

And I sold a site …

2, Nov 2007

I thought I would mention it because I’ve mentioned it before (in regards to targeting). Plus it fits in with my latest post. The one thing that burns super-bright in my head – liquidity. Having cash on hand is just plain useful. You could have a deal with massive company X and giant company Y, […]

b Feed Me, Celebrific, Blogging Pro, Forever Geek, and Filmsy are no longer owned by Bloggy Network LLC – they are now part of Splashpress. Check out the press release. I’ve talked about one of our strengths being our diversity – so why sell the blogs? Quite a few reasons: Blog Flux. It “holy shit […]

Lots of ruckus about Microsoft’s $240 million investment, supposedly valuing Facebook at $15 billion. Microsoft’s original ad deal was for 3 years (ending in 2009). That was their original relationship with Facebook. So Microsoft spent $240 million and got 1.6% of Facebook. That means $240 million / 0.016 = Facebook valued at $15 billion right? […]

I had recently posted about how we had changed from to One of the issues I hoped to be fixed was the domain name – banned from Google/etc, the new domain was to let us back in. And results are already in. Currently ranking in at #25 for ‘vbulletin skins’ and #11 for […]