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Greg Sterling loves coupons (or at least loves to talk about them :)). Many other analysts and writers in the local space also talk about coupons a lot. Not to be snobbish, but I’ve never really cared for coupons. Yeah I will use one occasionally, but rarely do I go hunting and looking out for […]

I was reading the Buenos Aires Herald today, and in the top right corner was an ad for American Airlines. They had a url advertised: Now – do people in Argentina (and Buenos Aires) speak Spanish? Sure. But like most major languages, it has its own dialect. In Argentina they call it Castellano (speaking […]

My earlier post started my train of thought, but 24 hours lated I’ve decided: The focus should be on recommendations, not clockwise movie download sites reviews Let me indulge myself. When we launched iBegin Toronto years ago, I not only added a reviews component, but also a Favorites option. My reasoning was simple – there […]

How things turn eh? I read about adding reviews, and I thought to myself – “is it really that important?” I look back to my experiences when trying to find something. Be it a doctor, lawyer, or a restaurant – the only time I have ever given a damn about reviews is for restaurants. […]

Whew. I touched on Argentina local earlier – giant gaping holes in the online local space. The biggest problem really has been the lack of any sort of mapping for Buenos Aires. So I spent a couple dozen hours and using a mis-mash of APIs and some crawling I’m happy to release Mapa BsAs. BsAs […]

I was taking a really close look today at Google’s StreetView, and the fact that they APIed it is (especially technologically) quite marvelous. First maps, then UK geocoding, then driving directions, then static images, and now Street View? But Yahoo may have beat them out (at least for now). The Yahoo Internet Location Platform is […]

We’ve sold our iBegin city sites to another company, who will be moving the sites off of our domain in < 90 days. Sad to see them go, but since we haven’t actively done anything with those sites in over a year, it was due time we made this move. More information as the new […]

DDL:08 was a good experience for us – it was the first time we ever had a booth (though we have sponsored other events), and it was a good experience (more on that later). Right now though I want to point out to a bonafide ass. Part of our sponsorship was us sponsoring a Cyber […]

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So with iBegin Share v2 coming out soon (stat tracking), we thought we would go ahead and support the Open Share Icon project. But one thing Though Ahead product website a for issue pretty alli in germany hair tip receive it buy pravaacid in the uk front rinse jar again order generic us viagra […]