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I hate marketplaces

9, Dec 2007

I am so sick of people either deluding themselves, or trying to pull in big words in hoping to get you to look at their [for sale] listing. Classic example: ‘MV-M.COM a premium name for sale’ In what reality is ‘mv-m’ a premium domain? Hell the domain was registered just over 10 days ago – […]

ILM:07 – Marchex

6, Dec 2007

I’ve been relatively quiet on ILM:07 as I’ve been busy digesting information and getting a chance to reflect on it. When I came across the Marchex Internal Strategy Memo I couldn’t help but laugh. So on Day 3 we had “Keynote Address: Marchex and the Vertical Opportunity in Local” It was a decent talk – […]

So why are there a ton of ‘make money’ blogs by people who are happy to break $1000 a month? Case in point: the 45n5 top 100 – a compilation of the top 100 money making blogs. Just looking at the last few posts on most of those blogs, you can tell it is nothing […]

Everyone talks about business listings, news, weather, movies, events, etc etc when it comes to local. But it turns out that people care about the obituaries too. This one took me by surprise. While the responses focused on gags, I did look for some more concrete numbers on how popular obituaries are – with no […]

I’m confused – what is so special about Agendize? They enable sharing. Something like Quick RSS links or AddThis. In the context of blogs it makes sense – it is a mass consumer activity. People use Blogger and because they don’t have the technical know-how. But YP companies like are a different breed. […]

Following up on missing dropping, a bigger story: Dallas Cowboys re-think purchase. A pretty bizarre story really. was up during the TRAFFIC live auction. One of their attorneys was a phone-in bidder, bidding ‘$275′ – the auctioneer assumed $275,000, whereas the attorney was thinking $275.00 This is a perfect follow up […]

GeoSign or eMedia?

8, Oct 2007

I was looking over Restaurantica’s About page when I noticed that it was owned by ‘eMedia’. I had previously met the owner of Restaurantica, and (at the time) was an employee of GeoSign. I heard a few months later it was sold to GeoSign itself. The about page also says that eMedia owns TrueLocal,, […]

In my previous post, I had said you are not a company. The issue was simple – if the business falls apart without you (ie single-employee situations), then that isn’t a company. It is more freelancing. The same should apply to ‘companies’ that rely purely on widgets. I read today on TechCrunch on how JS-Kit […]

Often times I check the # of bloglines users subscribed to a feed. A quick and dirty way to estimate how popular the feed is overall. Bloglines that Blog X (which we own) has 236 subscribers. Feedburner on the other hand says 680. I understand there is some variation (especially between Sunday and Monday), but […]

For those that have read my about page, I used to be involved in the MMO (massively multiplayer online) space. Since quitting and focusing on (what I see as) more lucrative markets (local and blogging), I’ve still kept a good relationship with pretty much all the large players – while I tired of it, keeping […]