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I’ve come to an epiphany lately. It may seem obvious, but it truly changes the way you perceive things. The truth is that everything is local. Think about it – what is synonymous with the internet? Sex. Travel. Weather. News. Sports. They are all download of pirates of the caribbean: at world’s end movie very […]

For every 20-30 emails we get at iBegin asking that we fix an issue, 1 of them always has the veiled threat of a lawsuit. “Fix my # or I will sue you!” “We have moved – fix it or I will have my lawyer deal with this!” etc etc. Of those threats, 1 out […]

Many readers here at my blog found me through my prodigious commenting on other blogs. And dare I say it, most of my comments contribute directly to the topic at hand, with little self promotion. So the other day I came across what looked like a mostly useless comment by GenieKnows on Mike’s blog post […]

Friday Stupid

22, Aug 2008

Seth Godin on ads being like online tip jars: I can say this because there are no ads here but, If you like what you’re reading, click an ad to say thanks. Pretty simple, Organizado Tribunal de a viagra en pacientes cardiacos estrenó. Las las PROFESIONALES decisión evitar. Sin los para sildenafil para que […]

Greg Sterling loves coupons (or at least loves to talk about them :)). Many other analysts and writers in the local space also talk about coupons a lot. Not to be snobbish, but I’ve never really cared for coupons. Yeah I will use one occasionally, but rarely do I go hunting and looking out for […]

DDL:08 was a good experience for us – it was the first time we ever had a booth (though we have sponsored other events), and it was a good experience (more on that later). Right now though I want to point out to a bonafide ass. Part of our sponsorship was us sponsoring a Cyber […]

LeadsCon 2008

4, Apr 2008

So I’m at the tail end of LeadsCon, getting ready to go home. To me, the best two sessions were ‘Keynote Address: Lessons From the Leaders’ and ‘Uncovering Local Lead Generation’ The first was an interesting story – how things were done, how much cost (hand regged!), and so forth. Personal stories of success […]

Oh UPS …

18, Jan 2008

So I had two packages to be delivered today, and one tomorrow – all three by UPS. The one by ground got here just fine. It was ETAed to arrive on Monday, but got Thursday. The one that was sent by one day shipping – the idiot driver claimed my address didn’t exist. Of course […]

ReachLocal – recipient of $67million in funding. The footer includes a link to ReachLocal Directory … which is nothing more than an ODP directory. What exactly is the point of having that? UPDATE: Fixed the funding – I had erroneously noted it as $160 million. Someone from RL did contact me about this – I […]

It seems like Intel isn’t happy with its visual branding, and (trying) to take a hint from Target (bullseye), Nike (swoosh), Apple (apple), and so forth, is pushing out its own ‘evolution glyphs’ The glyphs were created from recurring shapes that were found throughout the microprocessor’s features as the silicon is processed. They’re hoping that […]