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Following up on missing dropping, a bigger story: Dallas Cowboys re-think purchase. A pretty bizarre story really. was up during the TRAFFIC live auction. One of their attorneys was a phone-in bidder, bidding ‘$275′ – the auctioneer assumed $275,000, whereas the attorney was thinking $275.00 This is a perfect follow up […]

Your traffic will bleed. No matter how many times you brand with the obvious ‘.com’ or ‘.net’ or whatever, people will type in other domains. You can’t stop that. So I laughed the other day when dropped, and someone else picked it up., a traffic analytics company, was completely asleep at the wheel […]

GeoSign or eMedia?

8, Oct 2007

I was looking over Restaurantica’s About page when I noticed that it was owned by ‘eMedia’. I had previously met the owner of Restaurantica, and (at the time) was an employee of GeoSign. I heard a few months later it was sold to GeoSign itself. The about page also says that eMedia owns TrueLocal,, […]

I had recently posted about how we had changed from to One of the issues I hoped to be fixed was the domain name – banned from Google/etc, the new domain was to let us back in. And results are already in. Currently ranking in at #25 for ‘vbulletin skins’ and #11 for […]

I know quite a few domainers. I’ve talked about them on this blog, defending their business quite a few time. Yet … some struggle a bit. You can get some background information here. Notable from the Wadnd site: Due to disruption of proceedings at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. caused by certain persons, groups or companies arranging private parties […]

This post is about making money from domain names. The reality is that domain parking is not only here, it is going to grow (and evolve). With companies that have some serious money behind them [100 million+] (eg GeoSign, DemandMedia, iReit, etc), domaining isn’t going to go away. I’ve never been impressed by parked pages. […]

I promise after this I will go out and criticize some sites TechCrunch covers the ‘.CM scam’. The choice quote: This is actually one of the cleaner scams occurring in the extremely dirty domain name business. and And when money is thrown at these small countries, it seems that they have little hesitation in giving […]

Note: This is part of a ‘three-setter’ on internet morals and what not: Moral Relativism: I’m better than you Love & Hate are not like Black & White Moral Superiority in the face of Hypocrisy While very mis-understood (and hated by a lot), the domain industry is on fire. With big sales like for […]