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Google is your God

2, Nov 2011

Aaron from SEO Book has been talking about this for a long time – Google has been slowly but methodically using its monopoly to destroy entire internet niches. I noticed the other day while searching for ‘what is my ip’ that Google now directly responds to the IP. Check out’s traffic: For the past […]

Since I’ve been online (1997) I’ve always used ‘AhmedF’ as my username/online nick (F being my last name – Farooq) for pretty much anything – websites, forums, games, etc. It brings me a certain level of unwanted attention (seemingly only arabs are named ‘ahmed’ and there are enough idiot xenophobes to make their own country), […]

For the past few years, the latest rage seems to be blogging/tweeting about weight loss. Somehow people have convinced themselves that declaring their plans publicly will make it happen. I won’t get into that (there are enough scientific studies that show the opposite happens), but what gets to me is the complete focus on an […]

I’m a huge fan of the NBA … in fact one of my projects for winter (once I’ve moved) is to build an automated predictor of NBA results and see if I can use it to beat the spread. Something fun to do, but for another day I just spent 15 minutes trying to figure […]

It surprises me how few people know/realize why TripAdvisor got big. It wasn’t because their data was superior (they tried to sell it … and miserably failed). It wasn’t that their UI was better. No – it was because they dominated the search engines. And they dominated them because they bought links everywhere. And I […]

I find it kinda funny that the facebook developer’s forum not only uses PunBB (with no sight of FB integration anywhere), but it seems like a rather old version to boot.

So I’m going through their list, and Jim Jones keeps showing up. Clicking on details, here are the categories he is included under: Advertising, Art, Automotive, Business, Celebrity, Comedian, Education, Entertainment, Family, Fashion, Film, Finance, Food, Gadgets, Health, Lifestyle, Management, Marketing, Music, News, Parenting, Politics, Real Estate, Science, Small Business, Sports, Technology, Video Games At […]

For every 20-30 emails we get at iBegin asking that we fix an issue, 1 of them always has the veiled threat of a lawsuit. “Fix my # or I will sue you!” “We have moved – fix it or I will have my lawyer deal with this!” etc etc. Of those threats, 1 out […]

Many readers here at my blog found me through my prodigious commenting on other blogs. And dare I say it, most of my comments contribute directly to the topic at hand, with little self promotion. So the other day I came across what looked like a mostly useless comment by GenieKnows on Mike’s blog post […]

So I find out that has purchased (formerly operated by LiveDeal). But – what the hell are they doing with its SEO? They have essentially duplicated on – creating a duplicate content nightmare. On top of it, all of their previous links are now dead and go straight back to […]