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You read right. When it comes to commenting on blogs, I only bring the A+ thoughts (more about different commenting personas later). And yet adding a comment is becoming more and more annoying. I don’t always agree with Matt of WordPress, but I have to say his Askimet product is top-notch. I refuse to subscribe […]

A story about User X: User X subscribes to TechSite on Bloglines Google Reader v2 is released, tech people say how awesome it is User X imports feeds into Google Reader Bloglines and Google Reader both report User X as a subscriber to TechSite TechSite boasts large increase in readership Repeat above * 500+ users […]

If there is one weakness I have, it is my ability to ramble. I ramble on like no one I have ever met – ideas and thoughts and what not just spew out, often times incoherently. I’m sure regular readers know what I’m talking about So amidst the recent surge in ‘copywriting’ posts, its been […]

I hate affiliate programs. Not the actual concept, or what happens when you make a sale. Oh no – I hate the actual programs. Many of them are setup in a rather sneaky way that do nothing but try to extract money from your traffic without giving up a dime. And then you have the […]

I remember a time when Blog Networks were the it thing. Everyone and their mother was setting up blog networks. People actually cared when a name was changed from ‘Pajama Media’ to ‘Open Source Media’ (though I do agree OSM doesn’t sound very good). Blogs were the path to easy riches. About time reality set […]

I read the Technosailor no-sale-happened post with a bit of interest. We had taken a quick look, but had decided to pass (more on that later). We’ve been involved with selling blog resources (but never blogs) and also been involved in acquiring blogs ourselves. And while Jacob does all the heavylifting in finding great bloggers […]

So the sordid tale has come to an end. With everything so peachy and giving loving hugs to everyone, I thought it would be interesting to back and dissect what happened. The name BloggyNetwork was actually my idea, before Jacob and I worked together. I have this odd interest in the word ‘bloggy’, and thought […]

I’ve never really talked to Matt from WP. The only time we ever corresponded was through email. I had just finished the acquisition of Eatonweb Portal and relaunched the site as Blog Flux Directory. Seeing a major hole in a lack of a centralized-blog-service site, I emailed everyone asking for ideas on what to add. […]

The amount of information whirring around is manic. Furthermore, information is agnostic in value – it can be useful, not useful, it can be true, it can be false, and it can be a combination of all four. I try to keep my RSS feed list as small as possible. The total number of feeds […]

I had thought that the blog train was starting to slow. The money-men were (are) starting to get in, and (thankfully) the importance of pageviews is waning while the importance of revenue is on the up. Or so I thought. Recently we began some house cleaning of Bloggy Network. We have built up a collection […]