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One of my Old Sites

30, Mar 2010

Looks like it’s going for a decent chunk of cash. Not bad for a site that pretty much runs itself. feardotcom movie in hd

BlogFlux v3.0

10, Apr 2008

So finally – after months and months of slogging, writing, re-writing, and whole lot of annoying, we get to release the latest version of Blog Flux. There were two main things we were targeting – bringing more cohesiveness to our separate ‘parts’, and to start building a proper community. With over 150,000 registered users, we […]

So I got back today – I made a little bit of a blunder and we left the airport … when the flight was leaving in an hour. So we rushed through, cut the lines everywhere, and had time to grab a coffee before we got onto the plane. I get home and Jacob from […]

b Feed Me, Celebrific, Blogging Pro, Forever Geek, and Filmsy are no longer owned by Bloggy Network LLC – they are now part of Splashpress. Check out the press release. I’ve talked about one of our strengths being our diversity – so why sell the blogs? Quite a few reasons: Blog Flux. It “holy shit […]

It has taken time for me to truly appreciate how much blogging can affect your work. While I was pretty non-serious about blogging for the past few months, I had quite a few customers/fans of iBegin Source mention how they loved the blog. It was sort of an eye-opener. I wouldn’t say these people were […]

I’ve talked about how awesome local blogs are, but Gothamist continues to impress me. Check out their Quantcast numbers. 80,000 unique visitors a day. 7,000,000 US pageviews a month (yes I went from day to month). Over $3 million in revenue a year. 30% of their traffic are regulars. With highly educated and rich visitors. […]

I had an interesting call earlier this week. When we originally launched iBegin Source, we almost blew the floor off the competition. Our entire approach was efficiency and efficacy – do it right (the first time), do it fast, and do it simple – remove barriers to save costs (especially in terms of man-power). Imagine […]

The recently concluded TRAFFIC (in New York) conference had their domain auction, with the total proceeds exceeding $11,000,000. The two notable giants were for 3 million (which I do agree with) and for 1.8 million (which I don’t agree with). There were some other interesting domains that didn’t sell ( was priced at […]

Yesterday was Apple’s WWDC 2007 event, complete with Steve Jobs’ keynote (many people felt disappointed by the announcements, but the hype was just nutty). We ourselves covered it live as it happened. While it was going on, I went around and surfed other Mac sites. And what I found was highway robbery. When all was […]

So it seems like Google is acquiring FeedBurner for a smooth $100 million. I like FeedBurner. They provide a useful function. Their support is fantastic. Even had the president email me when we had a few issues. The site exudes charm that is missing from most companies (including quite a few of ours, I will […]