Boorah – that word just reminds me of boorish

31 Jan

So today (last night for me) Boorah launched, a site I had recently pointed out was cached all over Google and had its blog broken. We don’t see many (credible) local search sites launched anymore, so lets take a gander with some few thoughts:

  1. The design is ugly. If it was slightly uglier, you could give Craigslist a run for that money
  2. Clicking on basic search brought me to this page – huh?
  3. Having never lived in NYC or SF, I am unfortunately unable to ascertain the strength of its results …
  4. The assortment of reviews is pretty cool. I do *not* like how they use redirect links (dammit if you are going to essentially lift content, give it a damn direct link). It also makes no sense how they are ordering the reviews – definitely not based on date.
  5. Because they give no breakdown of information on the reviews, their overall rankings for food, ambiance, and service could be made up. No proof, not good enough.
  6. The design is seriously horrible. I say this after clicking on add tags – the inline dialog box looks like its from Mac OS X. Someone point them to 37signals asap-like.
  7. The Buzz is really just # of reviews. Why call it Buzz?
  8. Whats open now is busted for me. It showed places opening up at noon in SF (and one hour ahead of SF, it is 8:57 am locally).
  9. The smart search is cool but busted. Searching for ‘open kitchen’ brought in results for lively also. Clicking on the links didn’t work – dead links.
  10. ‘People who liked this restaurant also liked …’ is pretty damn cool. Again, since I don’t know these places, I cannot reflect on its accuracy.
  11. The speed of search (which matters a lot to me) is too slow.
  12. The ‘blog link’ on the bottom goes to How about someone do some cleanup and point the other two blog URLs to the correct one.

I like the idea, but I am not impressed with the execution. Too many odd bugs – if I found all those in 20 minutes, they need a QA team (or a QA part-time-person) asap.

My feeling? A tech play that will try to get snapped up like OpenList.

2 Responses to Boorah – that word just reminds me of boorish


Mike Bogo

January 31st, 2007 at 2:05 pm

So you convinced me to check out the site – how could something be so bad and “launched”? In the days of everlasting beta, how can you possibly launch a site that doesn’t even function?

Having been to new york, and being a fan of a pizza place called John’s, I decided to check it out. Searching both by zip code and “new york city” as the address, I ended up results from connecticut and california – none from new york. Additionally, when clicking on restaurants named “John’s Pizzeria,” I ended up at pages for Papa John’s restaurants.

Then I decided, hey, I live in a pretty decent sized city, and it happens to be a state capital too. So I do a search for restaurants in Providence – and it asks “Did you mean New Providence, NJ?” Ack. NO. Why is a city of 11,000 people listed and not a city of 200,000?

Hrmm… My vote: BUSTED.



January 31st, 2007 at 2:33 pm