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LeanGains FAQ

27, Jul 2011

As an update to my post on weight loss not being just about the number, I’ve created a LeanGains FAQ, a quick and easy summary of the LeanGains protocol I’m on. I’ve gone from ~35% body fat to ~12%. I should hit 9% in the next 6 weeks. I’ll post comparison pictures when I finally […]

Since I’ve been online (1997) I’ve always used ‘AhmedF’ as my username/online nick (F being my last name – Farooq) for pretty much anything – websites, forums, games, etc. It brings me a certain level of unwanted attention (seemingly only arabs are named ‘ahmed’ and there are enough idiot xenophobes to make their own country), […]

For the past few years, the latest rage seems to be blogging/tweeting about weight loss. Somehow people have convinced themselves that declaring their plans publicly will make it happen. I won’t get into that (there are enough scientific studies that show the opposite happens), but what gets to me is the complete focus on an […]