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Oh dear…

15, May 2008

And I’m off to Argentina today. I’ll be back in the US mid-August, and will move to NYC end of August. If you’ve emailed me and haven’t gotten a reply – I’m sorry, trying to burn some midnight oil to get everyone taken care. Time to go broaden my horizons … Spanish and Tango, here […]

I was taking a really close look today at Google’s StreetView, and the fact that they APIed it is (especially technologically) quite marvelous. First maps, then UK geocoding, then driving directions, then static images, and now Street View? But Yahoo may have beat them out (at least for now). The Yahoo Internet Location Platform is […]

We’ve sold our iBegin city sites to another company, who will be moving the sites off of our domain in < 90 days. Sad to see them go, but since we haven’t actively done anything with those sites in over a year, it was due time we made this move. More information as the new […]

It is unfortunate that more and more nowadays, the ‘solution’ to everything must be along the lines of elegant, simple (ie no brain power or activity required), and some sort of advanced systems. Great example are air fresheners. Five years ago we had the simple aerosol can solution. Nowadays we have battery powered solutions, dual-smelling […]

1. Write article on Subject XXX 2. Search for posts on Subject XXX via Technorati Authority, BlogSearch Relevance, etc 3. At the end of your article, make a list of ‘More Information on Subject XXX’ using all of the links above 4. With 100+ links you have now successfully gained quite a few links with […]

DDL:08 was a good experience for us – it was the first time we ever had a booth (though we have sponsored other events), and it was a good experience (more on that later). Right now though I want to point out to a bonafide ass. Part of our sponsorship was us sponsoring a Cyber […]