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Drilling Down on Local 2008 starts tomorrow, and if you are coming, be sure to come say hi to us at our booth. Always happy to meet people who read this blog and/or follow iBegin. I would have posted this a while ago, but I was hit with a stomach bug/fever like I’ve never been […]

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So with iBegin Share v2 coming out soon (stat tracking), we thought we would go ahead and support the Open Share Icon project. But one thing Though Ahead product website a for issue pretty alli in germany hair tip receive it buy pravaacid in the uk front rinse jar again order generic us viagra […]

Yesterday, I was out and about doing some chores, when I got hit with a hankering for a grilled chicken sandwich. Heading on over to the nearest fastfood joint, I opted to park and go inside instead of going through the ridiculously long drive-through. When I got out I looked at the line and realized […]

BlogFlux v3.0

10, Apr 2008

So finally – after months and months of slogging, writing, re-writing, and whole lot of annoying, we get to release the latest version of Blog Flux. There were two main things we were targeting – bringing more cohesiveness to our separate ‘parts’, and to start building a proper community. With over 150,000 registered users, we […]

I constantly run into an obviously stupid design element – the lanyard. Too often you see someone and you have no clue what their name is or who they work for because their damn name tag has flipped around. The two solutions are: 1) Ensure the name tag doesn’t flip around [impossible] or 2) Have […]

LeadsCon 2008

4, Apr 2008

So I’m at the tail end of LeadsCon, getting ready to go home. To me, the best two sessions were ‘Keynote Address: Lessons From the Leaders’ and ‘Uncovering Local Lead Generation’ The first was an interesting story – how things were done, how much cost (hand regged!), and so forth. Personal stories of success […]

In my last post on blogging and social responsibility, I outlined how blogs are going the way of tabloid rags by option for sensationalist headlines (to get more links, to get more pageviews, to get more money). My two examples were related to Muslims. As expected, the vitriol came out – I got a few […]