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What would be nice is a conference organizer/searcher. Yes there are sites like but the data isn’t “rich”. I want to be able to say – hrmm … I want to do business with Company X – what conferences are they attending? Or even better, Person Y – what conferences are speaking at? Anything […]

So I had talked about the Dallas Cowboys and their mishap with Now our good friendly domain of features ads for gay porn. I am sure the fact that the landing page uses the exact same colors as the Dallas Cowboys is just a delicious coincidence.

We do a lot of stuff in the local space that never sees the light of day. Be it internal analysis, coding projects, little snippets, ‘widgets’, and so forth. A set of non-core and (even) non-useful stuff that still should be published online. So hopefully in the next week or two we can launch a […]


12, Feb 2008

What’s going on with Marchex? They seem to be tanking – badly. Perhaps time to sell their non-local domains? Are are there non-local domains bringing in the revenue?

I’ve argued for a long time that having anonymous contributions is a good thing – even with the increase in spam, there is enough legitimate content to make it worthwhile. Plus – once a user has contributed, they are more likely to register and contribute even more. A recent blog post by Topix validates my […]

A common attack method of gaining access to a login is to brute force attack. That means on a login page, you enter a username, and then put in a random password. If it fails, you repeat. And repeat. Ad nauseum. If the get smaller this was meda meds bottles! Sensitive The. I This […]