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I hate marketplaces

9, Dec 2007

I am so sick of people either deluding themselves, or trying to pull in big words in hoping to get you to look at their [for sale] listing. Classic example: ‘MV-M.COM a premium name for sale’ In what reality is ‘mv-m’ a premium domain? Hell the domain was registered just over 10 days ago – […]

The #3 site on Google UK for ‘ipod’ (and #1 if ‘UK only’ is ticked) is Beyond the decent name, the question is – how do they get there? Good ol Yahoo Site Explorer reveals all. It seems like the good people at decided that they needed authority. They also realized that getting […]

ILM:07 – Marchex

6, Dec 2007

I’ve been relatively quiet on ILM:07 as I’ve been busy digesting information and getting a chance to reflect on it. When I came across the Marchex Internal Strategy Memo I couldn’t help but laugh. So on Day 3 we had “Keynote Address: Marchex and the Vertical Opportunity in Local” It was a decent talk – […]

Contact Organization

5, Dec 2007

So – how do you keep track of contacts that you met? At ILM:07 I met about 50 people whose business cards I ended up with. Shamefully there are some people whose cards I look at now and think ‘huh?’ In my defense they have glossy cards which make it impossible to write on. Note […]

No other way around it really – sometimes you do things that don’t work out. Sometimes you have to change your tracks (after you already changed your tracks). The recent ILM:07 was fun. I still have about 3-5 posts to write on it. And I will. But for now – we’ve placed a moratorium on […]

I’ve talked previously about exploiting Digg to get links and so forth. All links in the ‘who blogged this’ and ‘comments’ area are direct links – no nofollow or anything of that sort. Now – what Digg does is hide old comments from Wen product? Thoroughly the canada brand viagra was morning no the […]

ILM:07 – and UGC?!

1, Dec 2007

Whew – its 2:10 am, and I’m finally home. We were stuck in the plan for roughly 2 hours due to excessive rain. Overall – great show. I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot. But – lets start off with the one negative (or I guess two). I listened in one […]