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Because stats are just so delicious.

Odd Local Stat …

27, Nov 2007

So I was looking over the stats for one of the local search sites we own (European) – 500,000+ searches, so a decent spread. (An aside – we operate and test roughly a dozen simple local search sites for various countries to gauge user-reaction on quality of data). The site does roughly 4000 unique visitors […]

Automated them. If you are doing a task that is repetitive and can be automated – you need to. If you are doing a task that can be automated – you really need to. Even if it doesn’t seem obvious or is complicated – the hours spent figuring it out is worth it. Case in […]

There was a good post over at 37 signals about kindle haters. The core of the argument is that people haven’t tried it and are bitching already. Thankfully my bitching comes with a disclaimer – I have tried it. During Gnomedex (August 10) I got to play with it for roughly 30 minutes. Now some […]

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One thing I haven’t liked about iBegin Source was that we had one of the worst sites for convincing prospective customers to purchase from us. All changed now. New design, new style, more substance. It was quite the mad dash – I’m off to San Francisco now and won’t be back until Sunday. In the […]

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Yahoo’s FireEagle. In a nutshell – an API that lets you query and figure out where a user is. Not user IP baloney – far more accurate. The site itself is rather plain – hopefully I can get in soon and find out how the system works (eg – […]

Oddity by Alexa

13, Nov 2007

So I was looking at the subdomain breakdown of Google via Alexa. The fourth most popular is Video, with Google Maps (and local) coming in at #8. Even more oddly Google Maps only had 1% of visits, with Video pulling in 3%. And even more perplexing Google Maps falls behind Picasa, Groups, and Translate (wha?!?) […]

Inspired or Rip-off?

12, Nov 2007

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a metropolis kind-of-guy. I like walking around to get what I want. I hate using my car. Toronto was ideal for me – within 5 minutes I had everything I could want – subway, grocery stores, dozens of restaurants (I lived in Yorkville), dozens of shops, 24 hour […]

The USD vs CAD chart on Yahoo pretty much sums up my experience with the USD. Being a Canadian company, when we started we had roughly 1 USD = 1.5 CAD. Now the rate is at 1 USD = 0.95 CAD. And it hurts. My spending power outside of the US has been dealt a […]