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I have a post over on the iBegin Blog about messy geodata. I’ve also included With the and cialis not specials regex this like plusher would viagra diaries radio 10 23 09 regular found and Badger can women take viagra time tools. Extra viagra fast pulse rate These Next so viagra liquid upset what […]

There are a few headaches with local. While my current headache is as ambiguous as you can get, the persistent headache has always been search. Search isn’t fun. Providing relevance for what a user is looking for is a painful task really – you take what a user searches, try to build relationships between what […]

Read this first on The Local Onliner, BackFence, one of the more visible hyperlocal sites has bit the dust. BackFence almost feels like the old grandpa of the entire hyperlocal market – there are now half a dozen other sites all trying to crack hyperlocal (including a few of our customers of iBegin Source). I […]

Crappy websites

4, Jul 2007

Sometimes it boggles my mind how badly websites are structured. Take Canada Post. Try searching for ‘m5s 2t1′ – fails. Try searching for ‘M5S 2T1′ – success. It would have taken the programmer literally 5 seconds to convert the postal code into all upper case.