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As is the case, business can be cyclic. This includes our schedule release around the company. Over the next 14 days we have two major release, and one major relaunch. Which means my time is soaked up running around getting all them ducks in a row. But to make up for this being a wasted […]

Yesterday was Apple’s WWDC 2007 event, complete with Steve Jobs’ keynote (many people felt disappointed by the announcements, but the hype was just nutty). We ourselves covered it live as it happened. While it was going on, I went around and surfed other Mac sites. And what I found was highway robbery. When all was […]

Wired has the story how Geomas is suing Verizon, claiming that they infringe patent No. 5,930,474, for an “Internet Organizer for Accessing Geographically and Topically Based Information.” The repercussions (if Geomas wins) could be far-reaching into the local sphere – The patent describes an internet search functionality in which users can locate a topic or […]

I recently finished reading this man’s biography – absolutely stunning what lengths he goes to help people. Read about Edhi on Wikipedia, and read about his foundation. A choice quote form Wikipedia: His son Faisal once stated that when the Foundation was setting up in Afghanistan, local staff had purchased chairs for guests and the […]

iBegin Source has been a learning experience that has opened my eyes a lot – sales cycle, perceived value, etc etc. We’ve had a lot of experience with doing small sales (< $500) – eg ForumTemplates (in the last 22 minutes the site has had five sales at $17.00 each). Automated processes, quick and detailed […]

A side project we did a long-long time ago was Local Moa – a very simple New Zealand local-search. We haven’t updated it since day one (we will definitely be re-visiting it sometime soon). What is interesting is that the # of contacts has gone up, and today alone we received four. Traffic has gone […]

Me and the missus were at the local Target today, looking for some odd and misc stuff. We circled the entire store before we came across something we were looking for – full-length mirrors. Wouldn’t it make sense for retail stores to have a little ‘search kiosk’ at the end of each aisle? Let me […]

An 8 thingies Meme

6, Jun 2007

I’m only doing this because I find Aaron and his so interesting I’m gonna partially cheat and pull out five from my about page: I’ve spent an average of 16 months in any one residence. Shortest was roughly 3 months, longest was roughly four years. I created a sponsorship at the University of Toronto […]

I do a pretty good job on keeping an eye on what is going around in the markets around me. I also have our brand names subscribed so I know what is going on there. But – I miss things. I’m not obsessive like some people. So when I accidentally stumbled upon this 8 facts […]

I know quite a few domainers. I’ve talked about them on this blog, defending their business quite a few time. Yet … some struggle a bit. You can get some background information here. Notable from the Wadnd site: Due to disruption of proceedings at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. caused by certain persons, groups or companies arranging private parties […]