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The most popular specific searches across our local properties are always brand names – Sears, [local grocery chain], McDonalds, etc etc. What has always boggled my mind is if you visit a franchise/national brand store (eg Sears or McDonalds), they all have a franchise locater. It is an obvious feature that people would like. But […]

And nothing says web 3.0 like a trademark. Found this little nugget on a post about Nevermind the selective positive reviews – web 3.0? For all of the naming garbage that is web 2.0 and web 3.0, arguably web 3.0 is about relationships and connections – semantic knowledge (meta data) from underlying information. The […]

500+ Comments

25, Jun 2007

We just had our 500th (now a total of 501) comments from 162 posts (including filler ones by me). Just wanted to thank the readers for making this an two-way conversation – not me just spouting out inanity. I’ll update this post later (in the middle of a business deal) with some of the more […]

A Thought about Digg

24, Jun 2007

There are many posts about how Digg traffic sucks. I agree with those sentiments (been Dugg about 25-30 times). The earlier argument was that it lead to a lot of links. I used to agree – before. Nowadays, it seems like getting Dugg leads to no/very little linkage. That is if your story has made […]

My last post on, a World of Warcraft fansite going for $1 million got a lot of attention. Personally, I had come across Wowhead a few times, but had come away impressed. I thought it would be interesting to chronicle which succeeded and why. I’m going to only be covering Allakhazam (the original), Thottbot […]

For those that have read my about page, I used to be involved in the MMO (massively multiplayer online) space. Since quitting and focusing on (what I see as) more lucrative markets (local and blogging), I’ve still kept a good relationship with pretty much all the large players – while I tired of it, keeping […]

The recently concluded TRAFFIC (in New York) conference had their domain auction, with the total proceeds exceeding $11,000,000. The two notable giants were for 3 million (which I do agree with) and for 1.8 million (which I don’t agree with). There were some other interesting domains that didn’t sell ( was priced at […]

And I am happy to pronounce the launch of our geocoding service – iBegin Geocoder. We now feature: City sites (eg Toronto) Business data/listings Weather Geocoding Whew

Everyone is jumping on the ‘how to make money online’ idea, usually sprinkled with a dash of ‘digg-loving lists’. But advice is suppoused to be something accumulate over the years. People who shouldn’t be dishing out advice are. And it is bad advice. To pick out an example: 5 myths about blogging. Claim #1: “You […]

The first of my previously mentioned three releases, this is a soft launch of our geocoding service: iBegin Geocoder. Basically enter any address in the US/Canada, and it can convert it to GPS coordinates. Enter any lat/long in the US/Canada, and it can give you the address it translates to, the nearest intersection, and the […]