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So it seems like Google is acquiring FeedBurner for a smooth $100 million. I like FeedBurner. They provide a useful function. Their support is fantastic. Even had the president email me when we had a few issues. The site exudes charm that is missing from most companies (including quite a few of ours, I will […]

Maps + Wiki

22, May 2007

We’ve been gearing up to launch our own wiki-system for places soon, but have run into a few issues. So I wanted the time to showcase two places: Wikimapia – the grand-daddy of map/wiki sites. A ton of rich content. But unlike more traditional ‘wiki’ sites, everything is locked in. As of right now, the […]

I came across Mini Cities late yesterday, and it is an interesting model. The basic gist is simple. Properly covering a large area of local is difficult – the manpower required is quite intensive. So – why not build a stable platform/system that allows a person to quickly setup a website for his/her local area? […]

I said I would come back to this. We released iBegin Weather on May 10. The site isn’t amazing. It isn’t ground-breaking. What it is is useful. It is clean, fast loading, and gets the damn point across (the weather) with a minimal of intrusions and confusion. I’ll do a comparison with other websites another […]

The iBegin Weather Widget is doing pretty damn good, already on 100+ pages (more on that for a future post). But what is amazing is that while a lot of new sites are using it (ie < 6 months old), but that Google doesn’t know that most of them even exist ( yields nothing). I’m […]

iBegin v3

17, May 2007

Thought some of my readers would be interested in the upcoming iBegin v3.

I’ve been around for a while. I’ve dabbled in many many markets. And by far the worst market I worked in was games (the one except being virtual items/currency). Game sites pull some horrible CPM rates. The reality is that it is a perfect storm of crap-traffic – skews young, skews ADD, skews impatient, skews […]

Between the BlogFlux/BlogTopSites merger and a stomach bug, I haven’t been able to get much done. And yet – while I wasn’t doing much directly, the system itself was working flawlessly. The best example: widgets. Lots of talk these days about how awesome super fantastic widgets are. Yet very little of that talk has been […]

Paid Reviews: 99% Crap

13, May 2007

We advertise quite a bit. Be it Adwords/Overture, or sponsoring sites (ie becoming the sole advertiser), newsletters, forums, etc – advertising is an important part of how we keep our profile up. I was quite excited when sponsored blog posts came out. Not the PayPerPost crap (it didn’t allow you to control who did the […]

iBegin Weather

10, May 2007

So we launched iBegin Weather today. Focus is on clean and easy. We also have a weather widget. Again – focusing on clean, you don’t even need a visible link to iBegin (or any branding). The hard part of course is promoting it – maybe I can put my earlier look Coupon Looker’s widget to […]