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So I was forced to sign up for eFax. Didn’t want to, didn’t really have an option, so oh well. So last night I went to cancel. Of course your can’t really cancel online – you have to talk to a real-live operator. So today I initiate a chat. This is the first time I […]

Vicodin is a common pain killer from Abbott Laboratories. Many people get addicted to it (including a friend of mine), usually during recovery following from surgery (who doesn’t want to be pain-free?) To quote Wikipedia: The hydrocodone component of Vicodin is the reason for its abuse. Hydrocodone is an opioid, so its effects are similar […]

Seems like everyone is confused about everything. We talked to quite a few Yellowpage companies. From Yellowbook to SuperPages to regional and independent yellowpages companies, many of them were there. And none of them knew what to do. We had a real enlightening chat with a person who worked at a regional yellowpages company. He […]

I’m finally back, and right on the cusp of exhaustion. So – data. Learned a lot of interesting stuff over the time. Some points to note (going to adopt this format for various topics): InfoUSA claims 14 million listings, but the online system only shows roughly 11.5 million – what gives? Acxiom rep threw out […]

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And off we go …

18, Mar 2007

In roughly 12 hours I’m off to the airport to attend Drilling Down on Local ’07. I will try to blog about anything interesting I learn, but we will see how long I can stand my tablet [I did buy an external keyboard + mouse for it]

The beauty of having data is once you know what to do with it, you can get it done fast. So I spend a few hours whipping up a quick and easy mashup of restaurants + mapping. Basically pop in an address or move around the map, and it will show you the 30 closest […]

This isn’t about politics, it is about blogs as a form of crowdsourcing journalism (maybe I should add ‘citizen’ to complete that buzzword collection). I read a story on the LA Times about how a blog drove the the US Attorney story. For those that don’t know, the current US General Attorney (and I guess […]

Google has changed its logo for St. Patrick’s Day. I was struck by the #1 site. I was especially struck by their Alexa graph (click for full size): Incidentally the spike is getting higher every year – is their site simply ranking higher, and/or is Google just becoming more powerful?

I have an odd obsession. Almost every time I come across a company that I find even mildly interesting, the first thing I do is run for the ‘About Us’ page. I want to know about the company, and invariably, I am always failed. Really, the ‘About Us’ page should be renamed to ‘Marketing Drivel […]