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Scrubbing Local Data

19, Feb 2007

I partook in a small but interesting discussion a while ago about how bad local data is out there. Not just bad, but also impossible to clean up. I’ve been taking the time lately to go back through iBegin and ‘scrub’ our data. As it happens, the raw data we purchase is far from perfect […]

Who needs to monetize with ads when you can just sell the entire site! I remember seeing the site, being linked on Digg’s frontpage. I saw it, shook my head, and moved on. An idea implemented many times over many years, it just seemed like another shot against Digg. And so when I came […]

I recently purchased a site from the SitePoint Marketplace (incidentally I left them some suggestions that they should *really* implement). Anyway, a day after I bought a site, I had two people separately message me on AIM. Their intent? To sell me a website. I wanted to smack these people. And it wasn’t that they […]

Why startpages suck ..

17, Feb 2007

Continuing from my earlier discussion on why startpages are so important. The problem with the current corp of startpages is they are too damn confusing I just headed on over to Netvibes and it made my head throb. There are so many potential choices it made my head spin. Modules, feeds, six different searches (‘web […]

Every day, I get more and more scared of Google. Not in the sense that they are going to suddenly remove me from their rankings, but by how much they shape the internet experience. A lot of people still think the Internet Explorer ‘e’ icon is the internet. A wizened reader (like you) knows that […]

Thats right – I said it. When it comes to the web, a woman is a better worker. This isn’t a debate about how men and women are/aren’t equal (they are unique). This is about how, from my own experience, I find that women employee have the following advantages: Lack of fuckwadness. It isn’t by […]

You can ask the savvy website operator about what would be their biggest nightmare, and the usual replies will be along the lines of: “server crash”,”hack attack”,”Google bans me”,”get sued”, and so forth. Yet none of the above matter if you are not making a cent. A great majority of advertising-supported websites (especially ‘web 2.0′ […]

Since I started blogging, I have been pretty consistent blogging at least once a day. But this weekend is a getaway for me, which means no computer/blogging for me. Its important to take breaks from this frenzied connected world

I’ve been using StumbleUpon (for advertising) since roughly May/June of 2005. I’m very happy with the quality of traffic coming in, and it is also nice seeing feedback from end users. At the same time, the system is a bit convoluted. It isn’t easy picking one category out of a hundred (figuratively), and so my […]

I keep hearing about how great and fantastic and wonderful Yahoo! Answers is. I have to ask – has any of the lauding pundits ever tested the site out? First off, a lot of the ‘questions’ on the site are not even questions – just random musings or inflammatory trolls. A real question? Quite a […]