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Second Life this, Second Life that. I ran across the funny little parody Get a First Life when it was mentioned on TechCrunch. Parodies are a great way to get a point across, provided people understand that it is a parody (when I see people taking Colbert seriously as a right-wing ‘pundit’, I shake my […]

Elena, the super-talented lead-designer at Design Disease (now a part of our BloggyNetwork) is currently updating the site to be a bit more … beautiful. Its like me, webdesignified. And no, this isn’t my post for the day

If there is any niche that has abused (and raped and pillaged) the definition of a ‘website directory’, the honor definitely belongs to web hosting directories. I just did a search for web hosting directory on Google. Lets look at the top 10 sites: Shill. Using the guise of ‘award winners’ they list every advertiser […]

I have a long history with topsites. My first ‘big’ site (over 5,000 uniques a day) was Game Sites 200. It was an absolute juggernaut when it came to top lists – just look at these stats. When I sold it a while ago, it was getting over 100,000 unique visitors a day, and its […]

The amount of information whirring around is manic. Furthermore, information is agnostic in value – it can be useful, not useful, it can be true, it can be false, and it can be a combination of all four. I try to keep my RSS feed list as small as possible. The total number of feeds […]

I had thought that the blog train was starting to slow. The money-men were (are) starting to get in, and (thankfully) the importance of pageviews is waning while the importance of revenue is on the up. Or so I thought. Recently we began some house cleaning of Bloggy Network. We have built up a collection […]

After Google’s AdSense had been out for a few months, the complaints started. People were building skeleton sites and throwing on AdSense on the site, trying to milk as much money as possible. These sites were nicknamed ‘Made for Adsense’ (MFA) and were generally frowned on. A Google search for Made for Adsense incidentally has […]

One of the sites we own is Local Moa. It is a New Zealand local search we did as a bit of a test-bed for some implementation techniques. I recently got an email from a visitor of that site. To quote: hi, I would like to order chicken thats 1 box of boneless chicken breasts […]

Recently the three leaders in the online local search field (Yelp, InsiderPages, and Judy’s Book) have gotten a lot of attention. With them (and ultra-niche sites like BackFence) laying off people left and right, the trumpet has started to sound. Local search does not work! What a load of poppycock. Local search does work. Hiring […]

I get confused easily. I think its a personal character trait – I am rather accident prone, and have the oddest bruises at any given moment to prove it. I also have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Arrington. My initial qualm was the hype train he was on, only talking about this financing […]