Women make better eWorkers

13 Feb

Thats right – I said it. When it comes to the web, a woman is a better worker.

This isn’t a debate about how men and women are/aren’t equal (they are unique). This is about how, from my own experience, I find that women employee have the following advantages:

  • Lack of fuckwadness. It isn’t by accident that Penny Arcade’s example of an internet fuckwad is a male. In the wonderful world that is cyberspace, egos are easily inflated beyond what they should be. Women in general are far more calm and stable. Women who play MMOs are especially well versed in keeping calm.
  • Communication. NLP has taught me that in a conversation, the meaning (context) of what you are saying is comprised of three elements. The least significant (at roughly 7%) is the actual content of what you are saying. Email, IM, messageboards – all of them are heavily dependent on text being written. Women are more adapt at discerning and interpreting right, and also at conveying what they are thinking.
  • They are women. This may seem like an odd one, but being a woman online can make things easier. Whats more interesting – a man earning $10,000 a month from AdSense, or a woman? In an area dominated by men, just being a woman gets you attention. Having such an asset is well … an asset to your business :)

The above are just three reasons I have found women to work very well. I should add a disclaimer that this is only my own experience and opinion, and at the same time, I still employ more men than women. And yes there are women who exhibit none of the above, and there are men who exhibit all three of the above. I’m just telling you what I see.

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February 17th, 2007 at 12:46 pm

Anyone I know? :P

Anyway, I’m still of the opinion that communication is about 70% body language, 20% tone/expression and only 10% content. Well, I just pulled those figures out of the air, but it’s something like that. So it means communication is dang difficult when you’re doing it online, via IM or email. Most of the time your message will get misinterpreted.