Torpedo your Competition

2 May

It surprises me how few people know/realize why TripAdvisor got big. It wasn’t because their data was superior (they tried to sell it … and miserably failed). It wasn’t that their UI was better.

No – it was because they dominated the search engines. And they dominated them because they bought links everywhere. And I mean everywhere. You could browse TLA and it seemed like every other site had a link to their site (as I was spending enough money with TLA, I could view actual links before purchasing).

I used to do a lot of link buying back in the day. It was easy – buy some links, wait a month, have G update, and watch your rankings rocket up. Hell when I was in university I told a guy for $2000/month I could get him top 10 for a big keyword in his market. He said okay, I found him two links at $450/month (one of them was a PR9), and in a month he was #9 on Google.

So I always find it hilarious when bitches whine about link buying. Not only is the actual quality of the article terrible (they messed up a link to their example of link buying), but they talk as if this is new and surprising.

What is the worst is that Milanoo is now going to get their ass kicked. Google will do what it does best – over-react. Extrapolating this, what would stop me from nailing my competitors? In the battle between,, … what if SuperPages (this is completely hypothetical) spent $100,000 a month buying links for Yelp. Then they leak it to a ‘journalist’, who whines about it online, after which it explodes on Twitter, and Google is forced to wield the ban hammer and nail Yelp.

Worst case … SuperPages is out $400,000 (lets say 4 months of link buying). Best case … they have wounded a competitor pretty hard.

And I didn’t even mention my favorite example – Google buys a UK site (that ranks well all over their results), turns out the UK site has been buying links, it ‘bans’ the site for ~1 month, and then the site ends up ranking even higher because of all the press/links it got. Genius!

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May 3rd, 2011 at 1:09 pm

…when sentences end abruptly?



May 3rd, 2011 at 1:26 pm

Hahaha oops.