To-Doned list

16 Sep

Tasks and todo lists – everyone talks about them. The satisfaction of crossing something off. Their never-ending nature.

I love todo lists. And not because they keep me organized or because of the satisfaction of crossing them out. Nope. I love todo lists because I save everything I did get done and keep it on record. It’s a shrine to all the tasks I have defeated in the past.

It’s pretty simple. I have a file called “To-Doned List.” Every day, first thing I do before I look at my email or Facebook or anything is I add an entry for the current date. Then, as I get shit done, I add them to my To-Doned List.

At the end of the day (3pm for me), I can almost always look back and say “I got a lot of things done today. Now it’s time to turn off work.”

On the few days when I don’t get much done… I come back the next day with a vengeance. And I obliterate everything in front of me.

Hell, aren’t we taught that positive reinforcement is the best? You know how they say death by a thousand cuts? This is like success by a thousand (tiny) steps.

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James from

September 16th, 2014 at 7:30 pm

Yeah, I think we all love to “Doned” things!

In fact, today we just added a new feature to the app that I create. It allows you to archive all your old “doned” items, so you can go back and see the items forever!