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17 Apr

I didn’t blog yesterday because of what happened in VT. People talk about hitting home, but this one really did. I remember running the business and going to university at the same time. University was far more stressful. Of course, my emotions melted away and turned to disgust after seeing shit like this.

Technology can be horrible. It allows people like Debbie (ie consequential only because of their hatred) a platform to reach similar people. But its also fantastic that it lets us see news we would never have otherwise, and also to expose people like Debbie.

My next post is going to be quite political. Been see-sawing through it for a few weeks now, but I believe it is something that has to be said.

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Webmaster Challenge - Web “Orange And Maroon Effect” To Show Support For Victims |

April 17th, 2007 at 11:38 pm

[...] I am asking and challenging every webmaster, template designer, blogger or other web power broker out there to join in the “Orange And Maroon Effect” this Friday, whether you are a Hokie or not. For one day, show your support for the victims of this tragedy by changing your website colors to incorporate some version of the “Orange And Maroon Effect”. [...]